Les Archives Généalogiques Andriveau (The Andriveau Genealogical Archives) were founded in 1830 to help solicitors and lawyers finding heirs and settling inheritances. We are the world’s oldest genealogical validation office, as our founding was parallel to the creation of the new profession called “inheritance genealogy”.

We deal exclusively with the search for missing heirs and the settlement of inheritances. We lean on the huge experience of our professionals and the excellence of our resources to fulfill the wide range of missions [that are entrusted to us/we are assigned].

We are providing our clients and partners with our extensive archives containing over 200 million birth and marriage certificates in 15 000 volumes, set in Paris and throughout France.

Our staff of over 120 professionals, lawyers, researchers – is ocated in 17 branch offices covering all of France, together with an international department in Paris. Our highly dynamic and reactive network meets the needs of both professional and private requests.


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Famous Inheritances

Le trésor de la rue Mouffetard, Yvonne Printemps, Dora Maar, Arletty

Our commitments

The signed Tracing Agreement and the Power of Attorney give us the authority, as their agent, to settle the inheritance in the name of the heirs. Our office is committed to acting in the best interests of the heirs throughout the process of the settlement of the inheritance.


The Tracing Agreement, a legal guarantee  The signed Tracing Agreement binds both parties, the heir and ‘Les Archives généalogiques Andriveau’. This agreement is a legal contract that gives an absolute legal assurance to the heir. In particular, it stipulates that our office pays the all the costs we incur; the heirs have no money to […]