The Tracing Agreement, a legal guarantee 

The signed Tracing Agreement binds both parties, the heir and ‘Les Archives généalogiques Andriveau’. This agreement is a legal contract that gives an absolute legal assurance to the heir. In particular, it stipulates that our office pays the all the costs we incur; the heirs have no money to advance.

Our office takes complete responsibility for any administrative loss that may arise from the settlement of the inheritance. The contract also establishes our fees which are determined by the degree of relationship between heir and testator. Our fees are a percentage of the net assets of the heir’s share of the inheritance. Any other cost will be asked to the heir.

Liability Insurance & Financial Guarantee

The “Archives généalogiques Andriveau” have a civil liability insurance covering the files and a financial guarantee issued after having provided, each year, the certificate of representation of the funds.
Insurer: AMLIN INSURANCE SE/58 BIS rue de la Boétie 75008 Paris
Insurance Civil Liability contract number: 2017PIR0001
Financial guarantee number: 2017PFC019

Bank Security

Since 2006 the ‘Archives généalogiques Andriveau’ are in partnership with the bank ‘La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations’ (CDC). The CDC is the banking group used by all French solicitors and even the relevant French government Ministries.

Mediation following dispute after signing of contract only

For any claim, you must beforehand contact  Archives généalogiques Andriveau by email, telephonefax or mail with the information you will find in contacts.

On the assumptions that therecourse suggested above did not lead to an agreement likely to solve the litigation or in the absence of answer within a period of two months, and only in these cases, the heir is informed that it can seize free the “Médiateur de la consommation” which are qualified for any bearing litigation on this contract, by mail at the address following:

Monsieur Gérard GAUCHER, Mediator of consumption near the union GENEALOGISTE DE FRANCE and of the professional genealogy 51, chemin des largemills 69400 GLEIZE or on the website of the on whom also all information concerning the mediation is.

The parts with the contract remain free to accept or refuse therecourse to the mediation like, in the event of recourse to the mediation, to accept or refuse the solution suggested by the mediator.

Professional Code of Conduct

‘Les Archives généalogiques Andriveau’ is one of the founding members of the French Chamber of Inheritance Genealogists (Chambre des Généalogistes Successoraux de France Founded in 1947, comprising nearly 30 offices, this is the oldest representative body of the profession. Member of généalogistes de France, which represents 95% pf the profesion (

As a founding member, our office is cosignatory of the Code of Professional Practice and Ethics (la charte de déontologie), adopted  on the 30th of January 2019. (statuts)