Ever since its foundation, the Archives Généalogiques Andriveau have worked in close partnership with notaries’ offices. Our company’s history is closely connected with the history of the French legal profession. This significant experience together with two centuries of mutual trust is a decinding factor in the missions we undertake.

Why sould you appoint us?

  1. To establish or complete a reliable list of heirs when heirs are unknown or their list seems incomplete. The reliable family trees drawn up thanks to our  researches allow the solicitor to settle the identify certificate – which guarantees the heirs’ position.By signing the identify certificate, the Archives Généalogiques Andriveau certify the accuracy of the list of heirs.
  2. To check the existence of forced heirs when provisions of the will are available.
  3.  To look for or identify legatees (or their assignees) that would not be known of the solicitor.
  4. To look for the owner-s of land or buildings that is about to be bought.

Please note that for the liquidator and heirs’ legal safety, The Archives Généalogiques Andriveau are liable for their identify certificate and the family trees they settled.