Settlement is the last stage in the inheritance genealogist’s task.

Once he has the power of attorney, the inheritance genealogist, acting as an agent to the heir, will manage the settlement of the inheritance. This consists in dealing with the Civil Service, and meeting the solicitor to organize potential sales of real estate properties and investments. The objective is to allow the heir to take possession of his inheritance as soon as possible.

The different stages in the settlement of an inheritance:

  • The ‘Identify Certificate’ (in French law the ‘Acte de Notoriété’), is drafted by the solicitor and signed by the concerned parties. This certificate establishes the rights of each heir ; in appendix, it contains the certified family tree and the different letters of power of attorney.
  • The settlement itself is carried out by the solicitor with our help. It includes an inventory and valuation of assets, a collection of liquid assets, sale of properties, payment of debts, preparation of the inheritance declaration and payment of professional fees.
  • Distribution of the Inheritance. We proceed to the distribution of the funds once we receive them from the solicitor.