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The Andriveau team consists of 110 employees who share a passion for their work, for family history, for establishing contact with heirs, and for inheritance laws. Together, they provide tailor-made solutions to their clients in completely different successions each and every day. The seriousness and exacting discipline of these teams are focused entirely on excellence, an attitude that has made the Firm’s reputation and guaranteed its continued success.

Professional genealogists

Our genealogists’ mission is to determine the descendants of estates with certainty: they identify and locate heirs. They are often historians by training, meaning they know how to exploit all available archival sources and how to follow a strict methodology to ensure the accuracy of the descendants. With authorizations provided by the Archives de France and by prosecutors, our genealogists consult civil registries, voting lists, population censuses, inheritance declarations, etc. They can carry their investigations out anywhere their missions take them, which is frequently to other continents.

Trusted lawyers

Our lawyers support the heirs once these are located, the better to defend their interests in the settlement of estates. These lawyers – qualified notaires or notarial clerks – are the agents of the identified heirs and represent them in the settlement of the estates. As specialists in the liquidation of estate assets, they collaborate with the notaire, real-estate agencies and other third parties, to ensure that the heirs’ interests are protected.

An international team

The international scene is part of our Firm’s DNA. As early as 1850, our genealogists were traveling to Mexico and Guatemala as they looked for heirs.

Our multilingual specialised team operates on every continent: Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia. Few are the countries in which we have never intervened. Our people are experienced in the administrative classification of sources, and they have a solid knowledge of the history and mentalities of those countries in which they carry out their investigations.

A network of support personnel in the countries where requests are most numerous accompanies our international team.